Being the class clown, Andy repeated Year 10 then left school to work in retail at Brashs, then Najee menswear. In his late 20s, he became a skincare specialist at Myer and also joined the security industry. He spent 10 years working at AFL matches, Open Tennis events, Rock concerts and night clubs where he behaved more like a stand-up comic than a security officer.

It was the early 90’s and Gaming Rooms opened. Andy hosted shows for Tattersall’s, performing at the Pokies and a hotel offered him the role of a comedy chef. Lots of children running around, he would squirt them with water pistols and bring fake spiders to scare them. Kids would gather around fascinated, just waiting for him. He’d put a little show on and became popular.
The manager suggested he become a family entertainer. Word spread, other hotels made bookings and families frequently requested him at their homes. Demand grew, he dropped the security stuff and became “Andy’s Antic’s” full-time. A career that has gone beyond twenty years.
Dealing with drunk adults in security prepared him for kid’s entertainment, because that’s just how they behaved. All these experiences have made Andy the character you see at his shows… silly and wacky to the kids and fun for all the adults.