The Games

OK thrill seekers, Andy brings along 40 popular and exciting games. The appropriate activities are chosen for the age group at the party. 


1. Limbo Kids line up and dance under the limbo bar… get ready to limbo rock!
2. Pass the Parcel Activities between each unwrap makes for more fun… that’s cool!
3. Magic Tricks Funny stuff with the birthday child as my amazing assistant… abracadabra!
4. Bubble Machine This produces smoke inside the actual bubbles… incredible!
5. Basketball A shoot-out competition with plenty of slam dunks… oooh yeah!
6. Musical Chairs Boys versus girls as the race is on around the chairs… who’ll be left standing?
7. Talking Parrot A bird that records and repeats what you say. Dances too… polly want a cracker?
8. Football Equipped with 6ft. goal posts, all the teams songs are played… up there cazaly!
9. Beat the Bomb Catch & throw a ball, but don’t have it when the bomb explodes… kaaapow!
10. Biting Shark Press a tooth down, but if it’s the wrong one – SNAP! jaws theme played.
11. Water Gun I use the incredible Super Soaker Flash Flood that really blasts… awesome!
12. Poison Ball Everyone’s dodging a fast ball, but don’t let it hit you or you’re out… look out!
13. Rocket Launcher Handheld giant rocket made of soft foam shoots 100 feet… up up and away!
14. Relay Race Children are put into teams, then it’s the boys versus the girls… so get set, go!
15. Hokey Pokey The silliest dance game ever as you put your left hand in… ooh the hokey pokey!
16. Bowling you don’t throw the ball, you roll it and the highest score wins… cool bananas!
17. Tug of War for older kids heaving a fat rope using all their strength… need muscles!
18. Singing Have fun singing all the popular TV themes. Can we fix it? yes we can!
19. Frisbee With a flick of the wrists, it’s high flying aerial fun… wow, look at it go!
20. Crazy Ball A ball weighted on one side that’s impossible to catch… inconceivable!
21. Piggy Car Races Cute little pigs in funny cars that the kids race… they even do wheelies!
22. The Simpsons Game Can you name the characters in the show? d’oh!
23. Chinese Whispers It starts as one simple sentence but usually ends up another… mmm… curious!
24. Andy Says Simon Says done the Andy’s Antics way… don’t get tricked!
25. Musical Statues When the music stops, can you stand perfectly still? bet you can’t!
26. Movie Competition Scream out the names of the popular movies themes played… super dooper!
27. Wack-A-Mole With a plastic hammer, hit the cute mole when it’s head pops up… bang!
28. Paper Planes Who’s plane can fly the furthest? Watch them fly… through the air!
29. Hyper Dash Hand held device instructs you to run through coloured markers… race against time!
30. RS Media Robot Toy of the year in ’07. He can hear, speak and take photos… amazing!
31. Duck Duck Goose Catch the duck or you’re the goose in the middle… quack quack!
32. Wet Head Strap on a water-filled hat, spin the top and don’t get soaked! good luck!
33. Twister Scram Race to the mats as the referee calls out the colour… be quick!
34. Cricket Field, bat or bowl for Australia in our own backyard match… c’mon Aussie!
35. Roboraptor Dinosaur Sonic, touch and motion sensors make him interactive… watch out, he bites!
36. Cosmic Catch A talking ball that tells you who to throw it to.. from makers of NERF.
37. Chicken Dance Clap your hands and go crazy as the song gets faster & faster… wicked!
38. Musical Bob Downs don’t be left standing when the music stops… winners are grinners!
39. Catchable Bubbles catch them as they float around, and they’ll stick to you… gooey!
40. Soccer. Pick 2 teams, then it’s time for the round ball… ol lah ol lah ol lah!