Andys Story

Andy’s Story

Once upon a time there was a 10 year old boy. He loved to mess around and got into more than his fair share of scrapes. Although this boy aged through the years, he never really grew up. This young boy was Andy. As an adult some now say he’s the embodiment of an Aussie larrikin. Really, he’s just a big kid, forced to live out the rest of his life as an adult.

This may have been a sad tale, except that Andy found a solution. He discovered that people will actually pay him to bring out that boisterous child, as long as he’s masquerading as a children’s entertainer. Pretty sweet deal, right? Now Andy gets up to all sorts of wild and crazy antics, playing games, racing around, making bubbles, and otherwise just having a whole lot of fun. What else is a 10 year old supposed to do with their pent up energy? Kids need a few things to have a successful life. They need to learn about the world around them, have a safe environment to thrive in, and enjoy a whole lot of laughs. That’s exactly what Andy provides. While the adults enjoy some grown up chatter, Andy entertains his crew. Even the surliest child tends to warm up when the hilarious games and fun challenges are brought to life through Andy’s antics. Come and see Andy for yourself. You’ll soon find yourself laughing away, amazed at how quickly he lights up the room. Just remember, like all 10 year old children, there’s a lot more going on with Andy than meets the eye. It might all seem like fun and games, but there is a serious side to Andy’s Antics as well. We’re not always sure what this is, but we’re sure it’s there…. Somewhere.

See Andy Free

You can catch Andy performing free shows across Melbourne. Witness the magic of Andy for yourself and then book him for your own parties.