Are You Planning a Party??

Entertaining a crowd of faces can look like all fun and games – but it’s no easy task!

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Andy’s Antics. With 27 years in party entertainment, performing as many as 500+ shows per year – Andy has now unlocked outrageous methods to evoke laughter and giggles in even the biggest sourpusses! 

Andy’s Antics never stop, and if a party plan of yours seems like it may just need some carefully planned organised chaos – you’re this close to rolling around in giggles and bubbles!

Are you ready then, to discover lots of laughter??

Great – let’s get started! 

Andy's Antics Party Programs

Pre School Rugrats

Andy's Show for Kids 3-5 years old
This exciting and elevating program is designed to engage preschoolers imagination. It gives them a great excuse to show off!
  • In Person at your location!
  • PA System to rock ya socks
  • Up to 30 exclusive games to excite age group
  • 100% Audience Participation!
  • Beware... things fly, squirt, surprise, pop out... so look out!
  • Guarantee birthday child to feel special and number 1!
  • Party music with DJ Mixed Sound Effects
  • Sports, games, challenges, dance routine, rare remote control toys!
  • Singalongs, jokes, tricks, pranks, bubbles galore!
  • All cultures respected ... even Collingwood Supporters!
  • Free invitations - Email or hardcopy
  • Birthday Certificate awarded

Primary School Nippers

Andy's Show for Kids 6-12 years old
Wake up Andy's inner 10 year old who thrives on exciting his crew with fun, laughter and of course... games!
  • In Person at your location!
  • PA System to rock ya socks
  • Up to 50 games to excite age group
  • Sports, games, challenges, dance routine, rare remote control toys
  • Beware... things fly, squirt, surprise, pop out... so look-out!
  • Guarantee birthday child feels special and Number 1!
  • 100% Audience Participation!
  • Ghoulish Halloween, costume dress ups, props
  • Party music with DJ mixed sound effects
  • Singalongs, jokes, dad pranks, tricks, bubbles galore.
  • All cultures respected... including Collingwood Supporters!
  • Birthday Certificate awarded
  • Free invitations. Email or hard copy.

Too Kool 4 Skool

Andy's Show for Teenagers 13-16 years old
Andy knows just what it takes for teens to drop their iPhones and have the best fun ever as one big active group.
  • In Person at your location!
  • PA System to rock ya socks
  • Up to 25 games to excite age group
  • Competitive, challenging, contageous fun for hard to please teens!
  • Beware... things fly, squirt, surprise, pop out... so look out!
  • 100% Audience Participation!
  • Party Music with DJ mixed Sound Effects
  • Childhood trivia, sporty games, mini disco, karaoke, pranks, magic tricks
  • Guarantee birthday teen feels cool and Number 1!
  • Ghoulish Halloween costume dress ups, masks, props
  • All cultures respected... including Collingwood Supporters
  • Birthday certificate awarded
  • Enters as pizza delivery man - best booked as a surprise!

Adult Antics

Andy's Show for the Big Kids
Wake up Andy's inner 10 year old who thrives on exciting his crew with fun, laughter and of course... games!
  • The ultimate party starter
  • In Person at your location!
  • PA System to rock ya socks
  • Retro Music and Karaoke
  • Mini Disco and Dance Routine
  • Choose 10 from tried and tested games
  • Unique feel good party atmosphere
  • Very cheeky but never rude
  • Clever comedy (not smut)
  • Lots of Laughter and Interaction!
  • All cultures respected, including Collingwood Supporters!
  • Popular to be booked as a surprise!
  • Often enter as a pizza delivery man
  • Child free - so live it up!

Andy's Antics for Kids - Package Options


Group Size 1-20 Kids
$ 170 1 Hour Show
  • 1.5 Hrs - $230 | 2 Hrs - $330


Group Size 21-30 Kids
$ 190 1 Hour Show
  • 1.5 Hrs - $250 | 2 Hrs - $350


Group Size 31-50 Kids
$ 230 1 Hour Show
  • 1.5 Hrs - $270 | 2 Hrs - $370

Adult Antics - Package Options


Group Size 1-15 Adults
$ 199 1.5 Hour Show


Group Size 16-25 Adults
$ 250 1.5 Hour Show


Group Size 26-50 Adults
$ 295 1.5 Hour Show

Where can I book Andy's Antics?

Andy is all about having no limitations, except he has one limitation – There’s only one of him. 

What this means at times is extra travel over 10 kilometres from Andy’s Antics HQ in Lower Plenty may incur a one-off charge with your booking.

Andy's Rule of Thumb:

No travel fees apply if your event is within 10 kilometres from Andy's Antics HQ in Lower Plenty

Andy's Antics Travel Fee


Within 10km from Lower Plenty
  • No extra charge for booking a show with Andy's Antics as your location is close by!
"On the Road Again" - Willie Nelson
10-20km from Lower Plenty
$ 10 Extra per Booking

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road" - Judy Garland

20-30 from Lower Plenty
$ 20 Extra per Booking

"I'm on my Way uhuh uhuh" - The Proclaimers

30-40 from Lower Plenty
$ 30 Extra per Booking

Why book Andy, you ask?

5 Star Rated

Andy and his Antics is a 5-Star Rated Entertainer delivering joy and laughter to smiling faces all over Melbourne

All About Inclusion

Andy’s Antics passionately delivers smiles and giggles focused on inclusion and diversity in true Australian spirit

27 Years of Parties

Andy has been a party entertainer and a strong community presense for over 27 years, with a trustworthy reputation for unlocking the inner child

Crowd Entertainer

Andy is an experienced entertainer of crowds large and small. Andy’s Antics are a well loved pre-show entertainment choice.

Batteries Always On

Andy makes a dedicated promise every show to arrive with charges batteries - no exception! Andy’s love for his audience fuels his antics and takes experience to new levels of fun!

What Andy's Clients Say

Lochlan McDonald
Lochlan McDonald
Read More
Andy has been coming to our OSHC for many holidays now and has been outstanding at entertaining our students on the school holidays. The experience is not only enjoyable for the students but the educators enjoy the show as well. Andy gives 110% every time he comes out and we can't recommend Andy enough. Andy is also great at adjusting his performance based on room size, we had our gym closed last holidays and Andy had no dramas adjusting to the size of a classroom.
Justin Rulach
Justin Rulach
Read More
We recently booked Andy at very short notice for a function with friends, and he was a big hit with the kids and parents. Both entertaining and engaging with all members of our party, Andy's show is a lot of fun, and has a great soundtrack full of 70's and 80's classics. I highly recommend Andy and will definitely book him again.
Kylie Butlin
Kylie Butlin
Read More
Andy was fabulous! We had 65 kids at our party and the kids (and the adults) had a ball! He is extremely funny and my kids want him again for their party next year!
Sabina Ciciriello
Sabina Ciciriello
Read More
I can't recommend Andy highly enough. He was very professional, punctual and responsive. He was also an amazing amount of fun. He is a natural and high energy entertainer with a sharp wit that kept us all in stitches. The kids loved him and all of the activities and the parents also had a ball.
Udara Athukorala
Udara Athukorala
Read More
I would highly recommend Andy as an entertainer for your parties. He is so energetic and fun to be around. He get along well with the kids and there is never a dull moment when he is around. All the kids and parents will be running around him as part of his show and all my guests loved his antics. thanks andy and 5 stars all the way.....
Sumit Parikh
Sumit Parikh
Read More
Andy was a STAR the moment he walked into my kids birthday party at a playcentre. We just couldn't take our eyes off him. He entertained the kids as well as played BINGO for parents. Everyone had a fantastic time and we wouldn't hesitate even a bit to invite him again !!!


Are You Ready to Giggle?

Call Andy on 0402 091 965

Suburbs within Andy's Free Travel Area

If you live within 10 kilometres from Andy’s Antics HQ in Lower Plenty – no travel fees apply! If you’re not sure whether your home falls into the zone – have a look at this friendly and helpful list of suburbs! If you can find yours in the list – no travel fees for you!

AlphingtonGilbertonPark Orchards
BlackburnIvanhoeRegent West
Box HillKangaroo GroundResearch
Briar HillKerrimuirReservoir
Burwood HeightsLa Trobe UniversitySt Helena
CanterburyLaburnumStradbroke Park
CollingwoodLower PlentySurrey Hills
Diamond CreekMill ParkThornbury
DoncasterMont AlbertViewbank
Doncaster HeightsMontmorencyWarrandyte
DonvaleNorth WarrandyteWatsonia
EaglemontNorthcoteWattle Glen
ElthamNorthland CentreYallambie

Can’t find your suburb? Never fear. Andy’s Antics has been delivering laughs around Melbourne over 27 years and by now, Andy knows his way around. Give him a call to have a chat – and he’ll clear up any questions!

0402 091 965

Go on, give him a buzz!